Grande Launcher Pistol

Grande Launcher Pistol

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Airsoft Pocket Cannon Grande Launcher Pistol

* Pocket cannon compact design makes it easy to carry in a holster or pouch
* Light weight and robust construction
* Compatible with all standard 40mm M203 Airsoft gas grenade shells
* Can shoot BB showers and gas shells with other projectiles
* 20mm top rail can be used for sights, optics, or to mount onto your primary weapon using a Picatinny rail adapter
* On-frame safety
*Ergonomic thumb switch activation with sprint latched outer barrel for high speed shell loading and reloading
* Great to use as a side arm or as an "Ace In the Hole / Last Resort"


  • Capacity:

    1 shot (40nmm Shell)
  • Compatible :

    Most standard 40mm grenade shells
  • Gas Type:

    Green Gas, Propane, Co2 (depending on the Airsoft grenade shell used)