SHADOW2 / CZ-75 HOP-UP Chamber set

SHADOW2 / CZ-75 HOP-UP Chamber set

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Please NOTE: It is recommended that you must have relative DIY ability before purchasing or ask a professional store for assistance!


Features :

➤ Players can directly adjust the HOP-UP through the bottom of the chamber without removing the pistol slide, which greatly increases convenience and efficiency.
➤ The body of the HOP chamber is designed in one piece
➤ Change the HOP-UP adjustment method to TDC: It can provide the average down force of the adjustment ring, and the annular arc-shaped downward pressure contact surface provides better floating effect.
➤ Adjustment ring is designed with a push-back spring to keep the HOP-UP not easy to loosen, effectively maintaining the ideal amount of depression after adjustment.


  • Material :

    Alloy & Steel
  • Packaging 1 :

    TL-HOP bucking / GBB / 60°
  • Packaging 2 :

    KJ SHADOW2 / CZ-75 HOP chamber assembly